IMG_3661The Saenayoga Association aims to promote the ancient discipline of Yoga throughout the Siena area and beyond. The benefits on body and mind of this ancient discipline are continuously being confirmed and Yoga is internationally recognized as a method of physical and spiritual evolution, practiced and increasingly sought all over the world. Two qualified and experienced (and bilingual) teachers of Saenayoga would like to offer the opportunity of practicing Yoga at sites in Tuscany and Puglia chosen for their stunning beauty and cultural interest.

Our offer

• Retreats from 3 to 7 days to enhance the yoga practice with 2 daily lessons and in places particularly suitable for their tranquillity and charm.

• Cultural tours of areas of historical monuments and archaeological sites.

Nature walks, eno-gastronomic experiences to discover the well-known and lesser-known local gems with a local guide.

Lessons can be given in English and in Italian